Speaking of financial nightmares…

I have been feeling kind of sorry for myself lately but read a book that kind of helped. You see,  with no income, I am having to be extremely frugal, paying only bills that need to be paid, buying as much time between as possible while my poor husband works full time then delivers pizza part time (which I will also be doing) to help pay the bills. I am really understanding what “poor” is these days. One of the bills I handled was groceries. Obviously that is a controllable expense and I have been so frugal. We have eaten down the pantry and the freezer to an amazingly empty state. I have had to get very creative with food and often skip meals to make the food hold out longer. The book I read that made me appreciate what I was eating and also made me look at it differently was called The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Apparently it is also a movie. In the book, the whole premise is that Earth has had some sort of apocalypse and all growing things have been killed. There are few people left on earth and there is very little food. This man and his son are traipsing toward the ocean looking for somewhere that is not so bad and along the way they have to scrounge for food in abandoned houses and stores. Just as it gets as hopeless as it can get and they are literally starving to death, they happen upon some miracle of food. The first time they find a bomb shelter which is packed with food and supplies. The second time is when they get to the ocean and there is a boat out in the water that the man swims to and brings back stuff from it.

Really makes you appreciate what you have, even if it isn’t Bonefish or Fosters burgers. Damn was I spoiled.


~ by wingsunfurling on June 24, 2009.

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