I am anxiously waiting for the phone to ring. Hoping to hear about a job that I interviewed for that I really want. At the same time that I really want it – I am completely intimidated by the thought of doing some of it. It is basically a project manager position without the title. Am I qualified for that? Can I manage to figure it out as I go along? I think I will start researching how to be a project manager now….

On the other hand, am doing ok in the money arena delivering pizza. Making enough to keep our heads above water at least. It’s nice to not have that added stress. Between that and the fact that the cats are feeling better – I might actually be stress-free! I feel guilt feeling stress free though since my husband is completely stressed working two jobs and trying to see his kids. So I have guilt stress…right?


~ by wingsunfurling on July 10, 2009.

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