Wasted summer

I am off today. Ok, so that means from a part time job delivering pizza, but still, I am OFF. I have to work all weekend so this is exciting for me. Sooooo, what to do? I really want to go to the zoo and that is free – but it is supposed to storm. I have nothing to do (that is free of course). I feel like the summer is passing me by and I have a lot of free time to enjoy it. Can’t go camping, don’t have enough time off together to go and the hubby complains he is burned out and doesn’t want to do ANYTHING. That makes me crazy because I am not a “do nothing” type of person. To me, camping is relaxing and it is fairly cheap. We even have a place that we could camp for free. He annoys me sometimes.

Good news though…kinda. I was going crazy…really obsessing over the job I interviewed for that I really want. I finally emailed the HR person to ask about it. But I have a secret and this just cracks me up. You know how you are supposed to send a thank you note after an interview? Well, this company was supposedly planning to make a decision very quickly – within a couple of days. I was trying to figure out – should I send the note via email so they get it before they make the decision…is that too obvious? Tacky? Anyway, I got so caught up in the whole problem that I NEVER SENT IT. So, in my email I asked if they had received it – I know, so not honest of me to let them think it was lost in the mail. The funny part?? He said he had received it and thank you!!! Wahoo! I sent a thank you note that was invisible but HE SAW IT! That is pretty cool. Anyway, the good news (kinda) is that he said they were still interviewing and that the process was taking longer than they thought. I am hoping that is not “we are hoping someone better than you comes along”. Damn, I really want that job….


~ by wingsunfurling on July 17, 2009.

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